A Couple of Things I Want to Remember

23 Aug

Thing One:

Today was the new parent orientation for Nathan’s new school. Kindergarten, here we come! The boys played in the school’s gym while the parents learned a few things about the school. Zef was a little hesitant to be left there, but he ended up having a great time, of course.

We got home fairly late and both boys were totally worn out. Zef, especially, was more than ready for bed. He hit his limit and started wailing. “Did exercises at Nathan’s cooooool!”

“Oh, buddy, did you get lots of exercise at Nathan’s school and now you’re all worn out?”


Most pathetic little guy ever.

Thing Two:

Nathan’s new school principal has a difficult name for little mouths to pronounce. Nathan said it was weird; I told him it was just different than names he’s used to hearing and that it was a name that he probably got from his mom or his dad.

I pointed out that most kids have the same last name as their dad and that a lot of kids, like his best friend, have the same last name as their mom.

Then I asked him about his last name. (If you don’t already know, Mike and I gave our boys a last name that is a combination of both our names. The first three letters are from my name and the last five are from his name.)

He mulled it over for a moment, then asked me what my whole name was. It was lovely watching him realize that our last names both started with the same sounds.

Then he asked me what his dad’s whole name was. He didn’t see the connection right away, but he got it with a little hint. And when he got it, a great big grin made me know that we definitely made the right choice in naming our boys. He was pleased as punch that his name was a combination of his parent’s names.

Then he realized his brother has the same name as he does and declared us the “Andecker family.” ┬áHe’s exactly right.


A Colorful Conversation

22 Mar

Yesterday Zef was painting when I picked him up from daycare. As I was trying to get his shoes on him, so we could get home to dinner, he proudly pointed to his painting and crowed, “Yellow!”

He also named the carpet color, (“Green!”) and I asked him to show me his orange sock, so I could put his other shoe on him. Then I decided to challenge him a little. I asked, “What color are you?”

There was a pause while he contemplated this question, but then he confidently chirped, “Black!”


Where Does the Time Go

20 Mar

Zef has become an amazing little constructor of thoughts and sentences lately. For instance, Tuesday, while he was lounging in my bed and eating a very early morning snack, he told me, “Nafan steals my stuff.” I’m not sure how that came up, but there it was. Thought articulated.

It wasn’t that long ago that he’d just started using words and now we can have honest-to-goodness conversations. He can tell me what he wants, what he remembers. He tells about his friends at school. He tells on his brother. But the best is when he tells me he loves me.

It’s also fun to watch this two-year-old push his vocabulary to the limits. Sometimes he has to really reach for a suitable word and when he’s found the right one he’s so proud of himself. Me understanding what he’s trying to convey is just icing on the cake at that point.

And today I discovered that he can actually recognize and name some letters. He knows at least “w”, “a”, and “o”. I’m amazed. Who authorized all this growing up? I’m not sure I’m ready for it!

A Dinner Conversation

1 Nov


Zef: Sam!

Mommy: Yes! That’s Sam! I am Sam! Sam, I am!

Zef: Eggs! Eggs!

Mommy: Yeah, eggs! Eggs and…?

Zef: Bacon!


Bedtime? Soon, right?

26 Aug


Mike is headed home to be with his family while they say goodbye to his grandma tomorrow, so I’m on my own for the night before the first day of school and day care. These boys had a pretty busy day and both of them are tired. Me too, in fact.

We’re having a bit of t.v., then off to bed.

I’m so grateful for my little family, especially my Mike, who shares the responsibilities of raising our boys. Two kids to two parents is a good ratio. We’re going to miss daddy while he’s away.

Nothin’ Cuter Than…

25 Aug

…a toddler with his “fwour.” He also called it “pwettee.”

His brother, however, was kind of a monster today. I’m glad they’ve gone to bed!




24 Aug


Nathan is the red dot in the background.

Tonight was the last Family and Graduate Housing barbecue. Nathan got to play with his buddy and Zef was pretty sure he was getting away with something when we let him run around on the grass.

We had to abandon the last bit of Zef’s cheeseburger because a couple of aggressive hornets laid claim, but other than that, we had a lot of fun.

And now it’s bath time because those boys have gone too long without a bath!